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Newfound Through The Eyes of An Exchange Student


Qeta Gabashvili, from Georgia, is 17 years old and is one of the four senior exchange students at Newfound Regional High School. She arrived almost two months ago to discover a whole new American life during this 2017-2018 school year.  She chose to live that experience, according to her, to know if she could be independent enough to live away from her country without any acquaintances.

After these weeks at Newfound, Qeta is enjoying the realization of how different people and their lives are, and is also glad to have the opportunity to live it. Thanks to helpful teachers and friendly students, Qeta feels involved in the community. She feels she is treated like all other American students. She chose classes such as American dream, drawing and psychology. To live her experience at her best, she decided to participate in cross country, something she had never done before. Qeta was happy to say that she her experiences  with the team are her best memories so far. She said, amused, “ I actually ran instead of walking fast and pretending to run.” Students from NRHS cheered her and make her feel what being part of a team was like, which she never had in Georgia. Qeta is going to continue her American year in the hallways of NRHS and already knows it is going to be her best life experience so far.