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Newfound’s Newest Math Teacher

Schools all around the United States are currently having a very difficult time finding math teachers. Due to shortage of math teachers, schools are forced to have larger class sizes, less experienced teachers, and are having a hard time keeping good ones. According to CNN News, forty eight states in the U.S., plus the District of Columbia, are short staffed in math.This effect also has been felt here, as Newfound Regional High School has hired four math teachers  over the past three years. Mr. Jacob DeBoer is NRHS’ newest math teacher.

Although this is Mr. DeBoer’s first year teaching here at Newfound, it’s not his first. “I have been teaching for four years now. I’ve worked at Interlakes, Woodsville, and Pittsfield,”  he.  Mr. DeBoer switched schools because he ended up moving to a different area. So far, while he has been teaching here at Newfound, he’s enjoying it. “ At this school, all the staff gets along pretty well. They all work together and the boss here is great,” says Mr. DeBoer. It is clear that Mr. DeBoer has a good connection with the students here. Evelyn, one of the students in his Geometry Honors class says, “ He is one the best math teachers I’ve had. We take a lot of notes but they are very helpful. Mr DeBoer works through problems with students. “ Hopefully, Mr. DeBoer plans on staying here in the math department at NRHS for a while.

Jacob DeBoer is not just a math teacher, outside of school he sings karaoke and collects bowties. Mr. DeBoer says he has so many bow ties that he can wear a different one everyday and not repeat them. To prove that fact for his students at the end of the day he will put them in his desk. Mr. DeBoer says, “ I really like to see students struggle. Its gives me a challenge to help them learn and to maybe even love math. Math is easy once you get it, and that’s what I want for my students. He really likes to watch his students go from not knowing how to math to getting to fully understanding it.  At the beginning of the school year he says “ A lot of students come into math not liking it because they don’t understand it but when they learn and they can actually understand they start to like it and there views start to change.”