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NRHS Adding an Additional Tech Program

Newfound Regional High School has been attending Plymouth Regional High School for their technical programs for many years now. The CTE(Career AND Technical Education) Program offers four programs, such as: Market Education, Culinary Arts, Health Science Technology, and Automotive Technology. The program is set up for juniors and seniors looking for more advanced classes for their future career choices. During these programs, the students go over safety and OSHA requirements. Over the past several decades, dozens of Newfound students have benefited from the programs provided at Plymouth.

This year, there are 10 NRHS students participating in the CTE program. Junior Josiah Page said, “The main thing was that I am thinking about being a chef as a career path. So the ability to go to a vocational school was really appealing.” He feels that it will really give him a boost for college. He talks about how he really enjoys the program, the students, and his teacher. However, he notes that the CTE program does cross over with his soccer schedule. So, whenever Joe has a soccer game, he can’t attend Plymouth that day. Other than that, he really enjoys the program. He encourages any underclassmen who are considering to take the program to do it. However you should first make sure that you have, or will be able to get the credits you need in order to graduate. The guidance will tell you if you can take the program or not, do to scheduling problems or not.

According to NRHS Guidance Counselor Monica Jackson, there will soon be a second technical program opportunity for students – Huot at Laconia. A recent school board meeting discussed the budget and costs of the program, which will be open to students beginning next year. Newfound has decided to offer a second technical program to its juniors and seniors because Plymouth provided only four choices, whereas Laconia provides many options, such as Criminal Justice and Careers in Education.

Jackson believes that tech programs are essential and that every high school should have one. These programs gives students a chance to see and experience what their future career paths could be like. They also helps students find out if they really want to  follow their chosen paths. . Jackson said she had a student who didn’t continue the nursing program because they didn’t like blood. She also saw another  student take two years of culinary at Plymouth and realize it is not actually what they want to  do in the future.

The CTE and HUOT programs will help students by giving them a head start. The programs are continuing to leave a positive impact on Newfound students, preparing them for the future ahead.