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Benefits of Sports

Newfound Regional High School counts, for this 2017-2018 school year so far, a population of 370 students. During the fall sports season, 138 students were involved in at least one sport. The athletic director of NRHS, Mr. Cofran, seemed satisfied by this number. “ It is almost half of the whole school. During the school year 2016-2017, 188 students did at least one sport. This [number] is very good for the school.”


By being with students all the time, and mostly students doing a sport, Mr.Cofran has seen teenagers improving their skills, either in their sport or their studies. He says that sports bring students discipline, responsibility, teamwork, and also help them to learn about themselves. Senior Savanna Bony was captain of the field hockey team during the 2017 fall season and is now captain for the basketball team. She agreed with Mr. Cofran’s words and says “Physically being active and accomplishing things helps me to feel better. And being on a team taught me leadership skills that I will be able to use in my future life.” Even more than personal benefits, sport at school is easy access and it is free. It also give students the opportunity to make new friends for life. Savanna says, “I met all my best friends that I have now in field hockey and basketball.”   Beyond her words, team sports force students to interact with everyone, deal with struggles  face them, and these are life skills.


Senior Savanna had always have to deal with sport and keep her grades up. NRHS enforces a limit of 2 failing classes per season, or the athlete can’t play anymore. Based on Savanna’s experience, coaches are involved and help students to keep up with their academics.


Beside the fact that sport is healthy, good for minds and futures sport is also a way to learn about giving back to the community. Mr. Cofran seems really proud of the Newfound Regional High School sports programs. With the money collected from football games and other actions, the school’s athletes recently had the opportunity to offer big baskets of Thanksgiving food to more than 20 NRHS students in need.

Even though the winter sports season has already started, anyone interesting in joining a team should look forward to the upcoming spring season. NRHS spring sports will be happy to have more players at their side.