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Stressing the Importance of Getting Help with Stress

12th graders at Newfound Regional High School are beginning to feel the stress of their senior year. From future plans to making up credits, the final year of highschool can be burdensome. The American Psychological Association even reported that high school students stress more than their parents, or other adults. Many seniors would also say that their last year is definitely their hardest, like senior Victoria Roman. “Sophomore year was the only one that came close” to the rigor of senior year, she says. With Senior project, AP classes, and the stress of being on their own in less than a year, there is no doubt that high school seniors have a lot on their plate.

However Mrs. Jackson, head of the guidance department, works very hard to help ease seniors’ last year. The NRHS Guidance Department mainly works with students, especially seniors, to help with course selection, resumes, letters of recommendation, and their number one seen cause of stress: time management. Mrs. Jackson is also very enthusiastic about the collaborative environment and the overall progress of Senior Project, a capstone experience that she established at Newfound, although Senior Project is now coordinated by Ms. Yeakel. Regardless, some seniors feel as though they aren’t getting the help they need from Senior Seminar, or guidance. Two interviewed seniors reported not receiving any help from guidance, although they also admitted they’ve never requested help. Similarly, Mrs. Jackson mentioned that some students just don’t take the initiative to visit guidance, and therefore don’t receive any assistance.

Students looking for help with their senior year, or any year for that matter, are encouraged to make an appointment with guidance. NRHS guidance counselors use faculty and staff, as well as the  insight of Principal Hoiriis, in order to collect data and personalize their relationships with students. This is all in an effort to push NRHS graduates towards a brighter future, whether they seek higher education, or a place in the world of work.