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NRHS Honors Parking Causes Student Driver Complications


Honors parking lot can be seen as a privilege to students, a reward for a student’s hard work and time put into their academics. Honors parking was established to reward the students that get good grades in their classes.

“First lot was changed to honors parking to give the people who have better grades a privilege of being able to have the shorter walk in the winter time and the colder days”, says Vice Principal Chris Ulrich.

One of the larger problems that has come up with Honors Parking is the concern that students who take harder classes (such as college and Honors classes),  must work harder to get the privileges of Honors Lot.   In some peoples eyes, this is unfair.

There seems to be a pattern as the Honors Parking Lot is full at some times of the year and half empty at other times. Recent administration-gathered from the 2016-2017 data shows that, during the first half of the year, grades seem to be higher and then go down as the school year goes on. So, therefore, the parking lot will likely be more empty in the coming quarters than it was earlier in the year. Considering the limited parking in other parking areas, reserving one for just honors creates a perception of connected problems. “Limiting one parking lot is going to push people to other parking lots; whether or not it is a greater problem than the way students park, I cannot tell,” said Mr. Ulrich.

In conclusion, this parking lot system can encourage students to strive to do better in their classes. “First parking lot has saved many times from being late,” said Montana Basset. Mr. Ulrich credits this parking lot as part of the possible reasons for the increase in Honor roll over last year’s numbers.