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All About Prom

It’s that time of the year again -the time that all the girls love and all of the guys rue. The sparkly dresses, the fitted tuxes, the awful photos, and dramatic meltdowns. May 12th, otherwise known as…prom!

Junior class advisor,Mrs. DeVost, gave some insight on what might be expected this year at prom. She says the ticket prices should be lower than last year’s, which was $55 for one person or $100 for two. However, there will be no promenade this year due to the venue and how it’s not conductive to one. The Common Man does however have a beautiful outdoor area for pictures. But make sure you eat something before you come because there will only be snacks.

This in not Mrs. DeVost’s or Ms. Hutchins’ first time setting up a prom. “The hardest thing about prom planning is trying to make everyone happy, but everything has gone smoothly, for the most part, Mrs. DeVost says. Her favorite part of prom is seeing everyone dressed up and knowing that kids are enjoying their night.

Foreign exchange student, Manon De Greefe will get to experience her first ever American prom. For someone who has never been to a prom before and does not know what to expect, she doesn’t seem to be very stressed. Manon says, “I think prom is going to be a lot of fun and I love taking pictures with friends and dressing up.” Many girls seemingly spend a fortune on prom, but Manon believes that she does not need to spend much to feel beautiful and have the time of her life.

Some NRHS guys, however, do not look forward to this night. Senior Nate Tucker says, “I can’t say I love taking pictures and dressing up, but if it makes the girl happy, I suck it up.” It’s a general consensus that most boys do not particularly enjoy prom, but one thing that Nate did say was that, because it’s his senior year, he does not want to miss prom because this will be his last one ever.

So, whether you are going with friends, a significant other, or alone, make the most of it. For NRHS seniors, this is the last prom ever. Enjoy it! For juniors and any other underclassmen, take advantage of this night of fun and dancing in an Enchanted Forest.