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NRHS Softball Team


For the upcoming spring season, Newfound Regional High School softball team switched coaching staff, which could mean an improvement in game wins. Kelly Meegan, a Newfound alumna (‘11), decided to take up the Varsity coaching responsibility after Corey Johnston, NRHS softball coach from 2015-2017, stepped down from the position.

Kelly Meegan, and her dad Jay Meegan, coached the JV Softball team at Newfound Regional last year for the 2017 season. When asked why Kelly decided to step up and take the responsibility of the Varsity coach, she stated that she has always been passionate about the sport and has played since she was young. Coach Kelly was on the softball team each season during her time at NRHS, and when she went to college, she played DIII at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), where she was a two-year captain.

This year, there are 13 players on the Newfound Bears softball team.

Coach Kelly is a big believer in leadership. She also expects that her players will hold themselves to a higher standard both on and off the field, and in the classroom, as well. She also has very high hopes for a good season. She believes that, since there is a lot of talent on the team this year, such as very strong pitchers who could potentially take the team a long way, she believes that the softball season will only get better as it progresses.

Newfound senior and player, Victoria Roman, says that she is excited for the new season. Since she is a senior, she hopes that she will be a good role model for the younger players, as well as a good leader. She also believes that there is a good relationship between both the JV and Varsity teams. According to Victoria, most of the varsity girls go to practice early, help out towards the end of JV practices, and show good sportsmanship and build relationships between the two teams.

Anyone interested in more information regarding the softball team’s season, go to nrhs.sau4.org for a list of upcoming games.