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Au Revoir Pour le Moment

As May began and the school year neared the end, some NRHS students returned  from France, their heads full of memories. On April 19th, ten students, along with French teacher Mr. LeBaron, Mrs. Miller, and a student’s mother, flew from Boston to Nice, south of France.  The trip happen every two years and Mr. LeBaron is happy to be able to keep doing it. He said he always enjoys the chance to show to his students that there is a world outside of the USA. This year, the majority of students on the trip were beginners in French, which made it more difficult for them to interact with the Frenchies. However,according to Mr. LeBaron, the trip is more a cultural trip than just a French trip. Junior Reid Wilkins, one of the ten students present on the trip, says he enjoyed trying to speak the native language, by saying “Bonjour” or “Merci.” The students and adults had the chance to see a lot of the France landscapes, such as the countryside in Nimes and Nice, and as well as enjoying a stop at the beach. They finished the trip in the City of Lights, Paris. They enjoyed the panoramic view of Paris while climbing the stairs of the Eiffel Tower. “I think that what students will remember,” says Reid, “is that French people are very nice, and not like what we have heard about them before.” Reid was also amused by some aspects of the French culture. “They get pizza for one person; they don’t share one with everyone.” The journey may have  ended but Monsieur LeBaron is already in a hurry to plan a return trip for a new set of NRHS French students in two years’ time.