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Music in the Air

The Newfound Regional High School annual Student Music Project was held on May 21st at 6:30.  Acts were presented by Jason Liang, Makayla Pixely, Mason Martin, Madison Martin, Deana Martin, Duncan Farme, Rachel Manita, Madison Nialetz, and Autumn Braley. The show was small and only lasted an hour, but was filled with so much talent. The staff member  in charge of this year’s show was Mr. Judd, the student leader was Deanna Martin, and Mackenzie Jollie was the student assistant.

“The same people come back every year but there are always new people joining, such as the freshmen,” says by Makayla Pixley.  While the group does not grow and stays small, this is okay because it is something that is intentionally small and is not very well known about in the school. “It’s not like the spring musical with multiple people [from] outside of the high school; it’s meant for the high school students who want to perform music,” says Makayla. The small performance put on every year is a place for musical students to show their talent and it gives them the opportunity to compete against each other for the prize of a one-on-one tutoring by a music teacher. This year’s winner was Mason Martin and he sang “Stars” from Les Miserables, there was a lot of talent at this years Student music project competition, and the judges said that it was a very difficult choice for them to make this year. There is hope to let the competition to grow and to let the students at this school to show off their talent in music.