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New Adventures Found in Costa Rica

On April 19th to April 27th,  twelve Newfound students and two teachers went to Costa Rica. The trip cost them roughly $2700.

There were a few complications on this trip. For starters, their flight out of Boston was delayed about five hours. Then Principal Mr. Hoiriis, along with students Spencer Lacasse, and Scott Henderson, had to fly on a separate plane to Houston, Texas and then down into Costa Rica. Since the first flight was delayed, they all missed their connecting flight, and had to take a different plane to a separate location. When they landed, they had to drive 3 hours on a bus, on twisty bumpy roads to get to their intended location. Nevertheless, these set-backs did not stop their excitement for the experiences they had while  on the trip.

Susan Moore, the Spanish teacher at NRHS, claimed that the trip was a huge success, despite some of the obstacles. She was thrilled to see the students trying to speak Spanish to the locals, even though it wasn’t a requirement.

Some of the places they visited and stayed  were MonteVerde, La Fortuna, Guanacaste, and Liberia. While theres, they went horseback riding, zip lining, white water rafting, swimming, hiking, explored the local towns, went on night walks through the forests, and also went to a serpent museum.

The students and chaperones were shocked by the culture in Costa Rica and how much it differs from the typical American culture. Most of local people were living in poverty. Also, English was a language that was spoken by many of the people there, which was a surprise to the trip-goers.  Chaperones and students really enjoyed being able to try a whole new cuisine. The food was very fresh, and many Costa Rican diets consist of fruits, black beans, and fish.

Madison Paige, a junior at Newfound who attended the trip, said that when the locals did speak Spanish, she wouldn’t understand what they were saying word for word most of the time, but could understand enough to put together the gist of what locals really meant.

For future students, staff, and/or parents who  wish to attend the next Spanish trip , these Newfound travelers have a few suggestions. Ariel McKinney, a senior at Newfound Regional High School, says to bring tons of sunscreen and bug spray. “Layer it on about every 30 minutes. So you don’t become… human bacon.”. Mrs. Moore says to be in good physical shape, to wear clothes that are light and protect you from the sun’s rays. Like Ariel, she suggests travelers respect the sun, and wear tons of sunscreen.