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Rolling with the Changes

Now that 2017-2018 school  year is coming to a close, some Class of ‘21 Freshmen have a couple words of advice for the incoming class. Freshman year is always a change for students coming up from the middle school whether good or bad. As freshman Kaleb Sorrell said, “Well, my freshman year when I first came into it, I thought it would be very hard and it is don’t get me wrong but the first two quarters were hardest because I was still adapting to the change. But, by third quarter I got used to it and had a bunch of friends to help me through it. I started to get involved with girls but I’m wishing I didn’t because that caused a lot of drama that I didn’t need in school. I would say it was a good year for the most part.”

Many students are nervous for their freshman year but, Kaleb said, “I was nervous to go in to freshman year when I was in middle school but I knew I had lots of high school friends so the first day they helped me so much and it got easier each day”. Making new friends and being a kind and nice person helps a lot. Always being stuck up and rude does not help. As the Chicago Tribune says, in an article Top 12 Nuggets of Advice for High School Freshmen, You don’t build yourself up by knocking others down. When you’re older, you’ll regret all the times you were careless with the feelings of others, and you’ll remember fondly those who accepted and included you when they didn’t have to. You can’t be admired if you’re either hated or feared”.

Freshman Mackenzie Bucklin has a word of advice for incoming freshman: “Do not wait until the end of the quarter to hand in your work, it is very inefficient and stressful for you and the teachers”. Always stay organized and manage your time well. Chicago Tribune says, in an article Top 12 Nuggets of Advice for High School Freshmen, “Create and keep to a study schedule, a to-do list and an assignment calendar. Staying caught up in your classwork is the most important and for some the hardest aspect of school, as it requires limiting the time you spend socializing and entertaining yourself by staring at screens.”

Welcome the Class of 2022 and the best of wishes to your class.