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Going, and Growing, Outside School Walls

For students, travel can be a whole new realm of experience. According to the Student and Youth Travel Association, travel can extend their educational development by building self-esteem, independence,and cultural understanding. Traveling can help a student gain a better sense of who they are and what they want to become, as well as give them an experience of a lifetime. 

Annually, Newfound Regional High School offers travel abroad opportunities during the week of April break. In the past, travel destinations have included Ireland, Costa Rica and France. This year, Ms.Susan Moore, who is a foreign language teacher at NRHS, will chaperone the next trip, which is headed to Spain in 2020.

Ms. Moore’s prior traveling experiences include Greece, Columbia, Belgium, Italy, and several other destinations. She has always loved to travel and kept watching as other teachers took groups of students out of the country, and finally decided it was her turn.

Ms. Moore says she “loves to teach students how different the world is day by day” and enjoys seeing the experience that travel creates for a student. She feels that traveling leads students to grow in so many different ways; it teaches students “to love all the people in the world who are different from them and have a new appreciation for what they have themselves.” Ms. Moore also believes that a deep learning component is embedded in these trips, but many times students don’t even realize it because they are too busy taking in the new scene.

Upcoming trips that NRHS is currently offering include Central Europe with Mrs.Doolin and Mrs.DeVost in 2021, Greece with Mrs. Miller and Mr. Lellos in 2021, the Galapagos Islands with Mrs. Guldner and Mr. Bonnin in 2021, Italy with Mrs.Hutchins in 2021, France with Mr. LeBaron in 2020, and finally, a trip to Spain with Ms. Moore and Mr. Hoiriis in 2020.

Students should take advantage of these opportunities now because who knows where life is going to take you. As Saint Augustine once said, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel only read a page.” For more information about how to join the adventure of next year’s trips, see the informational signs posted around the school or contact any of the teachers chaperoning the trip.